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Experience "HIDDEN GEM" at Kijimadaira 

Welcome to our home.

If If you get tired of the ordinary Japanese sightseeing spot, I definitely recommend traveling in the Iiyama area in Nagano prefecture.
This is a countryside where you can feel old good Japan where you can get to the north from Nagano city 30 km north and take the Shinkansen in just 10 minutes.
There are 20 large and small temples in the city, and there is a peaceful Japan that can not be experienced in Kyoto and Nara.

Not only is it a perfect place for cycling because of its flat basin surrounded by mountains, it is also a popular base for the "Shin-Etsu Trail" hiking, one of Japan's leading long trails.
Since the host is an official guide of the Shin-Etsu Trail Club, we will also accept hiking planning and guides upon request.

Please go to the journey of experiencing Japan's HIDDEN GEM.

Hidetaka Nakamura, your host

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