Exploring for Peaceful Temples

Iiyama is also known for one of Japan's top heavy snowfalls.
It is a temple town where 22 of its own companies line up, flourishing as a castle town centering on Iiyama castle which was built during the Warring States period. Author Toson Shimazaki sang the town of snowy country with many temples as "Snow Country's Kyoto." "Temple tour of the temple" connecting each temple shrine in Satoyama in Oku Shinano is a stone-covered wind path through the old company and many literary monuments. Enjoy the secretly standing temples and shrines, the townscape of the garden tree, and the stroll of the lush temple.

These  22 of  temples which you  cannot experience like at Kyoto or Nara reminds you of peaceful Japan.  

Why don't you find out your favorite place throughout exploring at our region.

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